Flight Training in Las Vegas

Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) Services for:

  • ASEL (Airplane Single-Engine Land) - (in our Diamond DA40 XLS or other aircraft)
  • AMEL (Airplane Multi-Engine Land) - (student must provide aircraft)
  • IA (Instrument Airplane, both ASEL & AMEL)

Certificates, Ratings, and Endorsements Available:

  • Student Pilot
  • PPC (Private Pilot Certificate)
  • IA (Instrument Airplane, both ASEL & AMEL)
  • IR (Instrument Rating)
  • SE (Single Engine) Add-on (to PPC or CPC)
  • ME (Multi Engine) Add-on (to PPC or CPC) (Remove CL [Centerline Thrust] restriction)
  • Complex Endorsement (retractable gear, flaps, constant-speed prop)
  • High Performance Endorsement (>200HP engines)

CFI Rates:

  • Ground and Flight Instruction...
    • We utilize independent flight instructors, so the rates will vary. Please Contact Us for more information.
    • Accelerated training is available!
  • Ground Schools...
    • No formal ground schools are planned at this time.

We offer extraordinary convenience and affordability for your flying needs.

CFI Opportunities

We are looking for Certified Flight Instructors to provide instruction in our Diamond Star DA40 XLS, based at the North Las Vegas Airport (KVGT).

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