Airplane Rental in Las Vegas

2008 Diamond Star DA40 XLS (N294DS)

Aircraft Rental Rates

  • Standard Rate: $135/hr
  • Block Rates:
    • Mini Block - 5 hours, $650 ($130/hr)
    • Basic Block - 10 hours, $1250 ($125/hr)
    • Mid Block - 15 hours, $1800 ($120/hr)
    • Big Block - 20+ hours, $2300+ ($115/hr)
    • Timebuilder Superblock - 50 hours, $5000 ($100/hr)
  • Pay as you fly!
    • No fuel surcharges
    • No "club dues" or "joining" fees
  • All rates are “Dry”
    • Pilots will refuel the aircraft back to 30 gallons total after each flight
  • Hours are per the Hobbs meter

Rental Requirements

If you fly with one of our CFIs (instructional or sightseeing, etc), there are no requirements - NONE! Just relax and enjoy the flight with your personal professional pilot!

For pilots wanting to fly on their own (student pilots and up), you must meet the following requirements:

  1. Complete a checkout with a CFI. The checkout can also double as your flight review if desired.
  2. Have a minimum of 5 hours DA40 XLS experience (required by insurance).
  3. Email the following documents to

We offer extraordinary convenience and affordability for your flying needs.

CFI Opportunities

We are looking for Certified Flight Instructors to provide instruction in our Diamond Star DA40 XLS, based at the North Las Vegas Airport (KVGT).

Click here For CFI Opportunities

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